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Description:   Open-School is an open source comprehensive web-based School Management Software. It is designed for better interaction between students, teachers,parents & management. New DesignAdvanced Students, Teachers, Parents ProfilesForums, Communtiy CollabrateOnline Class rooms Online Fees management systemTimetable ManagementAttendence ManagmentOnline Library

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LanOS Open Edition LanOS Open Edition is a tool with an user interface that assists the use of the Linux Ubuntu in Lan Houses, Cyber Coffees and other establishments of public access.

Linked Open Data File System A FUSE-based file system that represents Linked Open Data sets as hierarchical file systems.

MageDominion Open Source VCL MageDominion Open Source Components for Delphi - will contain advanced components for just about any aspect of Windows development, including Windows API wrapper components and more.

ManRiX:Microkernel Based Open Source OS ManRiX is an open source microkernel based operating system with POSIX interface. It is written from scratch using C and Assembly. Microkernel contains just few basic components of an Operating System while others are implemented as user process.

LOAP - Linux Open Access Point This project tries to explain the construction of a open wireless access point using Linux.Use your old PC to build your own Wireless Access Point.

Mbuni: Open Source MMS Gateway Mbuni is a fully-fledged Open Source MMS gateway (MMSC) suitable for operators and MMS VAS providers.

My Librarian For School Libraries This is a integrated suite of school library books management software targeted at secondary schools. This language used will be totally Microsoft Visual BASIC 6.0 and Microsoft SQL 2000. The project will be distributed free to participating secondary sc

Open Course Timetabler Open Course Timetabler is free and open source application for university and school course timetabling. It is written in C# and runs under .NET framework on Windows (and will likely run under Mono on Linux or Mac OS X).

Open Educational System (OES) Open Educational System which is a free for use, open source, and multi-platform, multi-language and user-friendy design online e-learning platform. The system is integrate and suitable use for any high-school, college or university. It is easy maintain a

Command School Student Management System A web based student/school management system. Latest version is swifttide19902.tgz This is a pretty major rewrite, and should be considered BETA. Please post problems that you find. Completely web based open source student management systemManage unlimited schools and studentsIntegrated chat feature for teachers, admins, and ...

MyFreeTV MyFreeTV vous permet de regarder la tlvision sur ADSL par votre Freebox. Avec plus de 80 chanes que vous pouvez regarder, enregistrer ou programmer, MyFreeTV vous permet aussi de suivre l'audience en direct des 15 chanes les plus regardes, de

pyst: Python for Asterisk Pyst consists of a set of interfaces and libraries to allow programming of Asterisk from python. The library currently supports AGI, AMI, and the parsing of Asterisk configuration files. The library also includes debugging facilities for AGI.2012-01-29: There have been two or three forks that ...

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